Selfie Esteem

SelfieBefore you post your next pic, you might want to know that you’re a part of a movement—to show yourself (and others) a little love.

When selfies first came onto the social-media scene, they seemed like the definition of narcissism. But now, the tide’s totally turned in favor of the once disrespected act. (When can we get Bradley Cooper to take one with us, by the way?) Some reasons to get “snap happy” and smile for your next self-portrait:

Selfies as empowerment. A documentary from Dove called Selfie explores how social media is redefining beauty. Moms and daughters in the film learn to embrace their perceived “flaws” by studying their pics together.

Selfies celebrate moms! “We capture first steps, first everythings, but we rarely captured ourselves in the moment until now,” says Nancy Redd, author of Body Drama. In just a snap, you can preserve happy memories for you (and your kid) to cherish.

Selfies connect us. Raw, spontaneous, and sometimes hilarious, selfies show none of us are perfect­—we wouldn’t have it any other way. #reality

—Sabrina James

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