How Ivanka Trump Said Buh-Bye to Working-Mom Guilt

*Guest edited by Patty Adams Martinez

Ivanka Trump is a master multitasker. We asked the mompreneur and mom to Arabella, nearly 3, and Joseph, 5 months, to share her work-life balance secrets. Take note!

Is it easier going through life with a newborn the second time around?
Yes! I’m already much less anxious than I was with Arabella. I feel prepared having gone through it once before and have a better understanding of the fact that, no matter how much you plan ahead, there is no avoiding the chaos!

Which is harder: being a high-powered executive or a mom?
Though both are equally enjoyable for me, no matter how hard I work, how many hours I spend at my desk, how many countries I travel to, I’m much more exhausted on Monday morning after two full days of being a mom. Being a full-time mom is definitely harder!

Do you go through mommy withdrawals, being away from your kids all day?
I’m lucky to live only two blocks from my office, so I run home any time I have a spare moment, see my kids, and then return to work. It’s never easy balancing both, but my time with my kids is so fulfilling that it’s worth it. Spending time together as a family throughout the day also means I’m not always feeling drained when I’m with them. Each morning we sit down as a family for breakfast, and on Wednesdays Arabella comes to my office for a lunch date (soon Joseph will join her!). It’s my weekly working lunch appointment, and it’s the best part of the day.

Is it possible to keep your home life off your mind while you’re at work and vice versa?
It took time for me to adjust and learn to let go of the guilt I initially felt. But I realized that having a fulfilling career makes me a better wife and mother, so I’m present at the office and I work hard knowing that at the end of the day I get to go home to my family. Nothing makes you more efficient than having children!

What’s your multi-tasking style tip for going from mommy to executive? 
Accessorize. Making an outfit transitional is all about having the right accents, whether it’s beautiful statement jewelry, a scarf, or great shoes. Have fun with it!

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