This New Toothpaste Tastes Like Cake!

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a sweets addict. Just the mere mention of a cupcake or brownie nearby, and I go running. So when I heard that Crest was developing toothpaste meant to taste like my favorite treats, I was sold.

Say hello to Crest Be, a new line that features all the cleansing benefits of toothpaste paired with three new flavors, including Vanilla Mint Spark, Lime Spearmint Zest, and my personal favorite, Mint Chocolate Trek. In-house expert flavorists at Proctor & Gamble spent more than a year developing the line. Crest Be will finally hit shelves at drugstores and mass retailers nationwide starting this week, and each tube is $5. Check out the cool packaging!

Big bonus for me: Crest partnered with the founders of Georgetown Cupcake, sisters Katherine and Sophie, to celebrate the launch. Fans of TLC’s DC Cupcakes may remember seeing the pair tackle some crazy cupcake orders on the show.

The sisters loved the new toothpastes from Crest Be so much, they got inspired to create an exclusive new cupcake: mint chocolate basil. To make it yourself, the recipe will be available soon on Crest Be’s website. Don’t want to wait? Check out the recipe Crest shared with us.

With a passion for experimenting with flavor, it was easy for the sisters to get behind Crest’s new venture. “It’s like brushing your teeth with frosting,” Katherine says. Adds Sophie, “The nice smell makes you want to wake up and brush your teeth in the morning.”

For parents who have trouble getting their kids to brush, now’s your time to rejoice. With the addition of Crest Be to your medicine cabinet, we have a feeling your mornings will get a little easier, too.

Just getting started brushing your little one’s teeth? Watch our video on brushing baby teeth!

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