American Baby’s Baby Booty: Win a $95 Bunting from 7 A.M. Enfant

We are total suckers for the bright neon colors of the 7 A.M. Enfant line. It’s so fun to see a baby bundled in one of these sacks, or a mom using one of the collection’s bright diaper bags, or a parent making use of these genius stay-on-the-stroller mittens, called Warmmuffs.  

It’s why we were inspired to photograph a baby in this bunting for our February issue! Specifically we photographed a baby in the Doudoune, which has holes that accommodate stroller straps. You can also change the zipper feature at the bottom so that it’s more like a snowsuit, with separate legs, than a sack, if that’s what your baby prefers.

This week 7 A.M. Enfant is offering ONE lucky winner the Doudoune bunting, a $95 value! The winner can choose what color they prefer.

To enter, leave a comment below, up to one a day between today and the end of the day February 26. More Qs about our giveaway? Read the official rules. Be sure to check back on February 27 and scroll to the bottom of the post to see who won. We reach out to winners via Facebook message (it goes into your “other” message folder on Facebook), so if you win, look for us there as well. Goody luck!

P.S. we don’t recommend using bunting in the car seat because the inside of your car warms up pretty fast and you don’t want your baby to overheat. Here’s some other safe-driving rules for parents that are worth reviewing!

Congrats to our winner Aura Haft!

Safe-Driving Rules For Moms
Safe-Driving Rules For Moms
Safe-Driving Rules For Moms

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