Punchy Placemats

DIY crafter Alison Caporimo recently released her first book, Instacraft, about fun and simple projects for adorable gifts and décor. We received permission to showcase four crafts from the book on Goodyblog. Come back each Monday (11/4, 11/11, 11/18, 11/25) to see which creations we feature next.


Pantone Placemat

“Create a color scheme that inspires you,” Alison says. “Lay it on the table. Have your hue and eat off of it, too.”

Clear Con-Tact paper (found at Michaels and Amazon)
Paint swatches

1. Cut two identical rectangles from Con-Tact paper.
2. Peel one rectangle of Con-Tact paper from the adhesive backing and lay it sticky side up, taping the corners to your workstation surface.
3. Arrange and overlap paint swatches on the Con-Tact paper.
4. Apply a second layer of Con-Tact paper on top of the paint swatches and press along the surface to eliminate air bubbles.
5. Pull the placemat free from the tape and use scissors to cut around the paint swatches.


Alison’s Extra Tips for Parents readers:

  • Swap it: Instead of paint swatches, ask your child to create custom artwork, drawings, and paintings for the project.
  • Make meal-time fun: Press coloring pages between two sheets of Con-Tact paper and let kids decorate uniquely every time (with washable markers or paint, bits of cereal or fruit).
  • Customize placemats to suit the theme of your little one’s birthday—guests can take them to use at home!
  • If your child has outgrown placemats, preserve his memorabilia—like baseball cards, concert tickets, sports game flyers, or newspaper clippings—between Con-Tact paper sheets. Hang laminated memories on the fridge or in his room.


For more ideas from Alison Caporimo, follow her on Twitter.

Text adapted from Instacraft, with permission from Ulysses Press. Copyright 2013. All images by Meera Lee Patel.

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