Cookie Cutter Craft

DIY crafter Alison Caporimo recently released her first book, Instacraft, about fun and simple projects for adorable gifts and décor. We received permission to showcase four crafts from the book on Goodyblog. Come back each Monday (11/4, 11/11, 11/18, 11/25) to see which creations we feature next.


Cookie Cutter Frames

“When I’m not baking cookies, I’m figuring out ways to put my most adorable confectionary cutters to work,” says Alison. “The result: a new way to display photographs.”

Cookie cutters

1. Place a cookie cutter (geometric shapes like stars and triangles work best) on top of a photograph.
2. Trace the outer edge of your cookie cutter with a pencil.
3. Cut the photograph along the traced edge.
4. Pop the cut-out photo into the back of the cookie cutter.
5. Attach double-sided tape to the backside of the cookie cutter to hang on a wall.


Alison’s Extra Tips for Parents readers:

  • If photos don’t fit perfectly into your cookie cutters, apply strips of washi tape (patterned Japanese tape—you can find it on Etsy or at craft stores) around the cutter’s back edge to secure the photo in its newfound frame.
  • Attach a magnet (instead of double-sided tape) to the backside of the cookie cutter for fun fridge frames.
  • Use finished frames as placeholders at holiday and birthday parties—or, send guests home with them as personalized favors!


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Text adapted from Instacraft, with permission from Ulysses Press. Copyright 2013. All images by Meera Lee Patel.

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