Giuliana Rancic’s Diaper Duty

By Patty Adams Martinez

In honor of National Diaper Need Awareness Week, which is this week, Giuliana Rancic has teamed up with Huggies Every Little Bottom and Baby2Baby to bring awareness to the incredible need Americans have for diapers. The facts are heartbreaking: One in 20 American moms struggling with diaper need, cleans out and reuses a soiled disposable diaper; others aren’t able to put their children in daycare—even if it’s free—because they require a full day’s supply of disposable diapers per child. Huggies launched the National Diaper Bank Network to help provide diapers to those in need.

Giuliana, an E! correspondent, Fashion Police co-host and mom to adorable son, Duke, took time out of her busy schedule to tell Parents why she got involved with this cause, as well as some fun facts about her as a mom, what she and hubby Bill get most competitive over, and her best time-savers for new moms.

Why was it important to you to get involved with Huggies Every Little Bottom and Baby2Baby to help fight diaper need?

A recent study published in the journal Pediatrics was consistent with a 2010 Huggies study that found more than 1 in 3 U.S. moms experience diaper need. The statistic shocked me and I had no idea so many moms struggled to provide clean and dry diapers for their babies. I joined Huggies Every Little Bottom and Baby2Baby last month to help raise awareness of the issue and hopefully increase the rate of diaper donation to our food and diaper banks. I hope readers will help spread the word and donate too by playing fun games at

It was no secret that you really wanted to be a mom. You were very public about your struggle with infertility, and the fact that Duke was born via surrogate. So has motherhood met your expectations?

Motherhood has definitely exceeded my expectations. Before Duke was born, I researched how to be a good parent, asked for advice from my mother and read every parenting book that exists to prepare myself. All that preparation went out the window when Duke was born. I am a mother now and he is everything to me in a way I never knew I could love someone – that’s something you just cannot be prepared for. I want to do whatever it takes to provide for Duke and give him what’s best now and later.

How has motherhood changed you?

When you become a mom, your priorities shift and I think that’s the biggest factor that has changed for me. My husband and work have always been my top priorities, but now that we have Duke, my priorities have definitely shifted. I of course still make Bill a priority and my work is important but I have definitely experienced “mom guilt.” So, I just try to be 100 percent focused on what I’m doing—when at work, I focus on that so that when I am off work I can completely be focused on my family. Some days it works and some days it’s hard!

What is your biggest strength as a mom so far?

I think my biggest strength as a mom, and Bill as a father, is keeping our marriage at the front and center and showing Duke that the most important thing for him is to have a loving, healthy family. We really want to instill this in him and know that we will always be there for him.

And your biggest weakness?

I guess it’s that I am still learning! Duke is a year old now, but I of course still question some of the decisions we make. We’re living and learning all together every day and I think that’s all we can really ask for!

What’s your best mom skill?

Oh my gosh! Bill is a pro at bath time, but I think I take the cake at silencing a crying baby. I don’t know if it’s a mother’s intuition but I can usually figure out what Duke needs pretty quickly to make him a happy boy.

You and Bill are always playfully competitive. What part of parenting are you better at than Bill? Where does he have an edge over you?

I think I’m better at sharing Duke! I always say this, but Bill is such a baby hog, he is always stealing him from me! Every morning we have a race to get Duke out of bed first because he is just so cute and sweet when he wakes up, and Bill is always trying to beat me to it. Bill, I have to say, can make Duke smile like nobody else when they are playing. What can I say, Duke is going to be a man’s man just like Bill.

What’s the biggest time-saver you’ve learned so far as a mom?

I think the biggest time-saver is simple – planning. You’re going to a have spills, a crying baby, dirty diapers and a lunch time mess that will need a quick and easy fix. My advice is to keep it simple and plan on those things happening. I used to pack everything in Duke’s diaper bag, but now I know what I need—two bibs, a change of clothes, an extra teething toy and plenty of diapers and wipes!

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Image of Giuliana Rancic Courtesy of Huggies

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