American Baby’s Baby Booty: Win a Pretty Vera Bradley Baby Prize Pack

When your baby starts eating table food,  watching her try new new things can be super fun (and messy!). She’ll spit out her pureed brussel sprouts, demand more carrots, and toss her peas on the floor just to watch you clean them up. Her little fingers will struggle to manage her toy-sized utensils and it’s so cute to watch, you’ll want to squish her cheeks (just make sure she’s wearing a bib).

This week, to help you and baby prepare for your culinary adventures, we’re giving one lucky winner a delicious Vera Bradley Tutti Frutti Bib Set, and a Baby Dish set that has everything she needs for mealtime: a plate, bowl and cup, each featuring adorable best friends, Bunny and Bear! Crafted in durable melamine, all three pieces are dishwasher-safe and BPA-free.

And because Mama will deserve a treat after the endeavor,  we’re also giving away a Vera Bradley Make a Change Baby Bag in Heather. The stylish baby bag has an exterior zip-down pocket that reveals a roll-out detachable changing pad and two elastic slip pockets. Slightly longer straps make it perfect for the mom with places to tote her little one.

Here are the official rules. Goody luck!


Congratulations to our winner, Twila Witmer!

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