Spread The Word: A Genius Way to Encourage Reading

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed when this adorable back-to-school pic of my friend Gina’s daughter, Lili, popped up. Until I read the comments, I didn’t realize that what she’s standing next to isn’t merely a cute flower decoration. It’s actually a “reading vine” of the books that the family has enjoyed recently. “When Lili finishes a book, we add a pink paper flower to the vine,” Gina told me. “My husband and I put on a leaf for our books.” The family started making the vines when Lili was in kindergarten because she was a reluctant reader. “My husband and I are big readers and we wanted Lili to be as enthusiastic about books as we are,” recalls Gina. “We told her that we’d work together to make a vine to reach the ceiling.” Now entering fifth grade, Lili devours books. Her faves include the The Last Dragon Chronicles series and the Harry Potter books while Gina is challenging herself to read all 14 books in the Wheel of Time series. I’m inspired to start a reading vine in our house this school year. How about you?

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