American Baby’s Baby Booty: Win a Fit & Fresh Back-to-School Lunch Survival Kit Sweepstakes

Last year when my daughter started kindergarten,  her lunch menu was the last thing on my mind. Every night before bed I would slap together a sandwich and my job was done, until one week in when she asked, “Why do the other kids get to have pasta and rice for lunch?”  Being the inexperienced lunch packer that I was, I thought that I couldn’t pack any food that needed to be warmed because she wouldn’t have access to a microwave, so I made cold pasta salad which was warm by lunch time and thrown away.

Now as a back-to-school veteran, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to make the same mistakes that I made. With Fit & Fresh kid’s lunch sets, no soggy pasta salad are on the menu. Comment below to win a Fit & Fresh Back-to-School Lunch Survival Kit,  which includes one Gabby Hoot Insulated Lunch Bag, one Liam Comic Yo Insulated Lunch Bag, one set of 4 2-Cup Containers (these can be chilled), and 2-Lunch Pak Carriers and one 4-Pack of Cool Coolers Ice Packs.

Post up to one comment a day for your chance to be one of 3 lucky winners!

Read the official rules here. Goody luck!

Congratulations to our winners Jill Sonnier Price, Daisy Diaz, and Diana Harris Herrero!

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