Parents Daily News Roundup

Grant Acord, Oregon School Bomb Suspect, Had ‘Detailed Checklist’
Authorities in northwestern Oregon said on Sunday that a teenager arrested for producing what authorities called explosives for a Columbine-style attack on his high school had meticulously planned his foiled bombing. (via Huffington Post)

Pediatricians: Check Young Kids For Motor Delays
Doctors should regularly screen babies and young children for delays in motor skill development – including trouble sitting, standing and speaking – at well-child visits, pediatricians said today. (via Reuters)

Boy Or Girl?’ Gender A New Challenge For Schools
From the time they are born, we put our boys in blue beanies and our girls in pink ones. It’s a societal norm, an expectation even, that you just are what you are born – a boy or a girl. (via Fox News)

Kids’ Genes, Environment Affect Sleep Differently
A new study based on pairs of Canadian twins suggests that genetics play a strong role in how long kids sleep at night, but their environment may be more important for afternoon naps. (via Reuters)

Pediatricians warned children of military personnel face mental health risks
Children of military personnel may be at an increased risk for social, emotional and behavioral problems, according to a new report from the American Academy of Pediatrics. ( via CBS News)

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