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16-Year-Olds Able To Vote in Takoma Park, MD
A small Maryland city just outside the Washington, D.C., city limits has voted to lower the voting age for city elections to 16. (via Huffington Post)

Elementary Math, Reading Skills At Age 7 Linked To Financial Success At Midlife, According to Study
It may seem hard to figure, but provocative new research suggests that an individual’s math and reading skills in elementary school are key indicators of his/her socioeconomic status (SES) in adulthood. In fact, the study — conducted by a pair of researchers at the University of Edinburgh in Scotland — showed that math and reading skills at age seven are the most reliable predictors of SES at age 42. (via Huffington Post)

Flu In Pregnancy May Quadruple Child’s Risk For Bipolar Disorder
Pregnant mothers’ exposure to the flu was associated with a nearly fourfold increased risk that their child would develop bipolar disorder in adulthood, in a study funded by the National Institutes of Health. The findings add to mounting evidence of possible shared underlying causes and illness processes with schizophrenia, which some studies have also linked to prenatal exposure to influenza. (via Science Daily)

India Developing Cheap Vaccine Against Major Cause of Diarrhea Deaths in Kids
The Indian government announced Tuesday the development of a new low-cost vaccine proven effective against a diarrhea-causing virus that is one of the leading causes of childhood deaths across the developing world. The Indian manufacturer of the new rotavirus vaccine pledged to sell it for $1 a dose, a significant discount from the cost of the current vaccines on the market. (via Fox News)

Number of Abused U.S. Children Unchanged Since 2008
The number of U.S. children who were exposed to violence, crime and abuse in 2011 was essentially unchanged from 2008, according to a new government survey. (via Reuters)

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