One Million Strong

Parents Magazine Facebook Somewhere out there last night a mom (or perhaps a dad) became Parents magazine’s one millionth Facebook fan. I wish I could meet you, #1,000,000, but instead I must be content imagining you: You care deeply, so deeply, about your child(ren). You strive to stay on top of the latest news for families, whether it’s on serious issues like gun control and kids’ health or lighter fare like birthday cupcakes and the latest royal baby buzz. You speak your mind. You support your friends. You fight for what’s right. You poke holes in what’s wrong. And you celebrate the joys of being a parent, even as you’re cleaning up the messes. Now that I think about it, that probably applies to all of you, whether you’re fan #1 or #150,000 or the mysterious millionth.

If only George Hecht, the children’s advocate who started Parents 86 years ago could see all the many ways our community of families connects and communicates today. He would be so awed by you. Those of us who bring you Parents—on, in print, in our tablet edition and yes, on Facebook—are awed by you too.

There’s a little treat posted now, a sample of some of our more popular posts for our fans. But we at Parents are really the fortunate ones because we get to hear from you in a way Mr. Hecht never dreamed would be possible. Whether you’re ranting, raving, supporting one another, sending us the love (or, yes, sometimes skewering us!) we value your opinions, your humor, your stories, your shares.

Keep ‘em coming! And click here to get your thank-you treat.

Dana Points is the editor-in-chief of Parents.

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