American Baby’s Baby Booty: Win a Pair of Toe Blooms

I am mildly obsessed with baby feet. Why must they be so chunky and squeezable?! I didn’t love them so much until I had my own babies; now I can’t get enough of them. 

When I learned, last summer, that there are things called Toe Blooms that can make little feet look like they have flowers on them, I cracked up. And I also learned that “barefoot sandals” are a real thing, like for adults too. But I like the baby ones best.

Cut to this summer…I’m happy to say that four lucky babies will get a free pair of Toe Blooms (most popular with the girls) or Toe Buds (aimed more at little boys). Winners can tell us which they’d rather, flowers or flair! Each set is worth $20-$24.

For a chance to win, leave a comment below, up to one a day, between now and the end of the day on Wednesday, May 29th. We’ll randomly choose four winners. If you comment, you should check back at 10 a.m. on Thursday, May 30, to see if you’re one of our winners. You’ll then have 5 days to send a direct message to American Baby magazine’s Facebook page to accept the prize. (We’ll also send Facebook messages to the winners, but note, our messages fall into your “other” message folder on Facebook, which can be a bit hard to find!)

You can read the official rules here. Enjoy the Memorial Day weekend. And goody luck!

UPDATE: Congratulations to our winners Cecylia Phillips, Jenna Hunt, Jada M. Pena, and Suja RJ!




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