American Baby’s Baby Booty: Win $120 of Toddler Food From Gerber

I was on the Today Show talking about picky eaters, and the segment focused on preschool kids…making broccoli tasty for them by stir-frying it, trying grilled chicken on a stick to lead kids away from nuggets, freezing grapes and cutting them in a half for a candy-like fruit snack. 

Preschoolers have opinions on everything, but toddlers are more open-minded about what they put in their mouth. Take advantage of that magic window between age 1 and 3 to serve a huge variety of healthy foods. Anything soft and easily chewed and swallowed is fair game. My son preferred blueberries, strawberries, and shredded cheese. It all made a huge mess, but that’s how these things go. Check him out happily tearing apart a quesadilla! 

I think the biggest culinary mistake parents make is thinking that a toddler only wants bland food. So not true! Give your kid the chance to be an adventurous eater early and you may spare yourself a decade of making pasta with butter. And watch; though they may first spit something out, they’ll be willing to try it again. (And again!)

I tried to mostly serve whole foods or homemade meals, but life being what it is, I also used Gerber Graduates. The Gerber company is 85 this year! And they’ve come a long way from simply pureed peas. The Graduates line now includes Sweet Corn with Red Peppers, Brown Rice with Mixed Vegetables, and Turkey Meatballs. Yum!

This week we’re going to give away three baskets each with $120 worth of Gerber Graduates, appropriate for ages 2 and up. Just leave a comment below, up to one a day, between now and the end of the day on Wednesday, June 5th. We’ll randomly pick our three winners after that. Note: Comments are now done via Facebook, so if you’ve won, we’ll be shooting you a Facebook message. We won’t show up in your “friends” message folder, we’ll be in your “other” message folder. See the word “other” in this picture? You’d click on that after June 6th to see if you’ve won! PS There are also giveaways every day for 85 days on the Gerber Facebook page. Goody luck! 


Read the official rules here.

Congratulations to our winners Jenna Mott Hunt, Mary Beth Isaac, and Carla Gee-Gee!

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