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8-Year-Old Died at Boston Marathon Waiting to Greet Father
The boy who died after waiting for his dad to finish the Boston Marathon Monday when two bombs exploded seconds apart was a typical 8-year-old who loved to ride his bike and play baseball, according to a neighbor. Martin Richard died from the explosion that injured his mother and sister as they all waited for his father to finish the race, according to ABC News’ Boston affiliate WCVB-TV. (via ABC News)

Newton Families Encounter Tragedy Once More at Boston Marathon
In a tragic coincidence, this year’s marathon was honoring the victims of the Newtown school massacre. There was a special marker at mile number 26, just a few hundred yards from the site of the bombings. CBS News spoke to some of the competitors who came from Newtown to be in the race. (via CBS News)

‘Jasper’s Syndrome:’ Doctors Struggle to Diagnosis Newborn’s Mystery Medical Condition
Jasper Holt, born on Monday at just 20 weeks into his mother’s pregnancy, has a medical condition that doctors at Newcastle’s Victoria Royal Infirmary in the U.K. say they’ve never seen before, The North-West Evening Mail reported. (via Fox News)

Newton Parents Study for Clues to Violence
As parents, Jeremy Richman and Jennifer Hensel were plunged into grief when their only child, 6-year-old Avielle, was killed in the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School. As scientists, they wanted answers about what could lead a person to commit such violence. The couple believes it’s unlikely there ever will be a full answer explaining why a man gunned down 26 people inside the Newtown, Conn., school last year. But they feel more research into brain health — and how a propensity for violence is manifested — could help prevent future tragedies. (via ABC News)

With Tougher Standardized Tests, a Reminder to Breathe
At Public School 10 on the edge of Park Slope, Brooklyn, parents begged the principal to postpone the lower school science fair, insisting it was going to add too much pressure while they were preparing their children for the coming state tests. On Staten Island, a community meeting devolved into a series of student stress stories, with one parent recounting how his son had woken up from a bad dream, mumbling that he had forgotten to fill in a bubble answer. (via The New York Times)

A Missouri School Trains its Teachers to Carry Guns, and Most Parents Approve
At 8:30 on a cloudy, frigid morning late last month in this folksy Ozark town, the superintendent of an area school strolled through the glass doors of the local newspaper office to deliver a news release. Hours later, the content of that release produced a front-page headline in The West Plains Daily Quill that caught residents off guard: “At Fairview School Some Employees Now Carry Concealed Weapons.” (via The New York Times)

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