7 Maternity Style Tips from Liz Lange

Putting together a fashionable wardrobe during pregnancy can be a tricky business, and things only get more complicated as hot summer weather approaches. Luckily, designer Liz Lange is here to help!

Liz started her clothing line during her own pregnancy, when she discovered it was impossible to find flattering and sophisticated maternity clothes. “My idea was to design pieces with more fitted silhouettes that looked chic and complemented the body,” she says. “I built my brand around this idea of celebrating the bump—not hiding it.”

Now, she gives us her top fashion tips for moms-to-be:

1. Embrace the bump. “Trust me, it’s more flattering to flaunt it than hide it,” she says. “I incorporate lots of stretchy fabrics and side-ruching into my Target line to flatter the figure and really highlight the bump.”

2. Stay true to your own style. “Maternity wear has evolved so much over the years. There’s no need to wear oversized, shapeless dresses or your husband’s sweats, because women can now find cute, stylish maternity apparel that suits their unique fashion sense,” she says. Many of Liz’s designs incorporate cut-outs, lace paneling and color-blocking to let women express themselves.

3. Be daring. “I love bright colors and bold prints on a pregnant woman—in the right proportions, they’re surprisingly flattering,” Liz says. But if you’re going for a more subtle look, she recommends sticking with neutrals and incorporating trendy, punchy accessories into your outfit instead.

4. Don’t be afraid to show some skin. “Highlight the thinnest parts of your figure—your arms and toned legs—with tanks, mini-dresses and shorts. If you’re uncomfortable baring your belly at the beach, try a tankini. They provide the security of extra coverage while still drawing attention to the right places. I especially love versions with convertible straps so you can go halter or strapless.” Her favorite summertime item is a simple dress, perfect for the office or a day by the pool.

5. Wear sensible (but cute!) shoes. “No teetering around on high heels! Opt for wedges or a low kitten heel if you need a little lift.”

6. Invest in a few classic essentials. Liz recommends a great-fitting pair of maternity jeans (ideally in a darker wash so they’re easier to dress up) and a versatile black dress. “These two pieces will take you everywhere you need to go, day or night,” she says.

7. Above all, enjoy yourself. “This is an exciting, celebratory time so have fun with maternity fashion!”

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