Rosie to the Rescue: How to Keep the Love Alive

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Okay, so I am going to be bold and write about something that, to be completely honest, makes me a little embarrassed! I am British, after all, and we tend to be a bit awkward about these things. But then again, I don’t think most of us find this subject easy. Not until we’ve had a glass or three of wine any way!

But, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, I thought it apt to address the subject of keeping that spark alive (hope my parents aren’t reading this!). As uncomfortable as it may make us to talk about it, it’s extremely important in a relationship, and our relationships affect both how happy we and of course our children are.

It is undeniable that over time, no matter how in love a couple is, keeping the flame alive can be difficult, at least on a regular basis: kids in the bed, the sound of a baby cooing (or crying) on the monitor, total exhaustion…. Sound familiar? It takes–dare I say it?–work to muster up the energy or even find the time. But when you do, and the more you do, the easier it becomes and the more you enjoy it. It’s sort of like exercise (actually, it is exercise: bonus!), and well, practice makes perfect.

There are two easy, great tricks I want to share that you can implement immediately, at zero dollars and don’t involve rushing out to buy some crazy lingerie, chocolate-covered strawberries, or some bizarre accessories.

1. Don’t wait for everything to be perfect. Waiting for this amazing moment when the romantic stars align is just not going to happen. So pick a moment, any moment the kids are in bed, and go with it, sweatpants and all.

2. Remind yourself of your love story. Every couple has one, even if it was a long time ago. Tell yourself that story on your way home, whether it is the moment you met, your first date, your honeymoon. I promise it will make you smile and when you walk through that door or when he does, you’ll look at him with sparks again.

Dedicate yourself to these two easy steps and this Valentine’s Day will be one to remember. Even if you can’t get a babysitter and you’re not out at some fancy dinner, you’ll be off to a very romantic 2013!

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  1. by Trisha

    On February 7, 2013 at 1:48 pm

    Great ideas! With our first baby on the way and the big expense of our wedding just 5 months ago, we need to save money where we can. Who needs fancy chocolates and lingerie when reminiscing about our own love stories is free ;)