Mom’s “Birth Announcement” for Son Shines Spotlight on Older Child Adoption

Odds are, you probably have thousands of photos of your children stashed on your hard drive, stuffed into scrapbooks or displayed in picture frames. But for kids who aren’t adopted until they’re much older, baby pictures can be hard to come by, if not downright impossible. For photographer Kelli Higgins, that issue hit home—two of her children, Latrell and Chanya, were adopted by her when they were 10 and 5 years old—and came to her family without a single baby picture.

Fast forward to this year: As Kelli prepared to do a baby portrait for one of her clients, Latrell mentioned how he wished he’d had a baby picture of himself. While the family joked about him in all those classic newborn poses, the idea stuck with Latrell and his mom. “I was very sad too because I didn’t have any photos of him either,” Kelli told the Today Show. “I think it’s really hard to have children and not know what they looked like when they were younger.”

And so, Kelli arranged a photo shoot for her son and crafted a standard baby announcement, sharing the news of her son’s birth—13 years later. The images went viral, and Kelli hopes that they bring attention to the 100,000+ older children who are available for adoption here in the U.S. through the foster care system.

What do you think about her birth announcement? If you’ve adopted older children, how have you dealt with the lack of baby pictures and other mementos from their first years?

Image: Latrell’s birth announcement by Kelli Higgins Photography


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  1. by Larissa Green

    On February 16, 2013 at 12:11 pm

    Our son entered our family via foster care at 2 1/2 and was adopted at 3, and I am often saddened by the lack of baby photos we have of him. Thankfully, we do have a very few photos of him after he was 1, but none as an infant. The lack especially strikes me when I go to a party that requires baby photos for a game or something. Thankfully we’re still in contact with his birth mom and have gotten a few photos from her. We have so many wonderful photos and memories of our daughter as a baby, though, that the absence of those things with our son will always be missed.

  2. by Simone Green

    On February 16, 2013 at 12:20 pm

    Latrell and Chanya are truly blessed to have been adopted by such a thoughtful mother.

  3. by Mandi D

    On February 16, 2013 at 3:05 pm

    This is so heartwarming and just the most adorable idea ever. What a great family!

  4. by MD

    On February 16, 2013 at 3:49 pm

    Im glad that you posted this. We had a foster child from the time he was a couple weeks old until the day he turned three. We tried sending photos with him so his new parents had them but they refused to take them. I’m just wondering what they will tell him when he gets older and he asks how come there are no pictures of him before he was three.