Rosie to the Rescue: What Will Kate Middleton Name the Baby?

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Now that Princess Kate is into her second trimester, it’s only natural that England (and the world) is abuzz with the burning question, “What will the baby be called?” Well, if I may I’d like to shed a little light on the royal way of naming, so that you can make your own call!

The Royal Family tend to have multiple names. Prince William alone has four: William Arthur Philip Louis. They also tend towards traditional names, especially those of successful monarchs. Elizabeth and Victoria were both extremely strong and successful, as were Arthur and William. Less likely to make the cut would be Henry, considering King Henry famously married six times–and beheaded two wives. As for nontraditional names, only Princess Anne’s son (Prince William’s cousin) has gone that route, with Savannah and Isla.

To avoid confusion, the royals tend not to use the name of any living monarch. And while Diana is a possibility, her family name Spencer is not! (From the royals’ perspective, the extended Spencer clan has been nothing but trouble.) One good possibility is Louis, as Lord Louis Mountbatten was a close relative of the Queen’s and a favorite of Prince Charles. He was killed by the IRA, and William may choose to honor him. Finally, Kate’s family names are unlikely to be picked for this first baby in line for the throne, but may indeed be possibilities for subsequent siblings.

If I was a betting lady, I would put George and Louis at the top of my boy list, and Victoria or Carole at the top of my girl’s. British bookies have made some picks for Kate and Wills’s firstborn–see their choices below.

P.S. I love that they included Princess Waynetta as a possibility, even if it’s got 1000 to 1 odds!

10 to 1 odds:
Diana, Victoria; George

16 to 1 odds:
Anne, Frances; Louis, Richard

20 to 1 odds:
Grace, Mary; Edward, Henry, James, Peter, Spencer

25 to 1 odds:
Alice, Sarah, Catherine; Andrew, William

33 to 1 odds:
Alexandra, Amelia, Beatrice, Carole, Charlotte, Margaret, Marie, Philippa, Sophia; Michael, David, Alexander, Stephen, Thomas

50 to 1 odds:
Caroline, Jane; Christian, Oliver, Rupert, Bradley

1000 to 1 odds:

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