Rosie to the Rescue: Resolving to Give Away What We Don’t Need

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As we dive into the New Year and make resolutions galore, I wanted to tell you about an English tradition that has long fallen by the wayside. Although it’s still celebrated as a national holiday, its meaning is often forgotten.

The holiday is Boxing Day and it falls on December 26th. Traditionally it was the day that servants, maids, and those who were less fortunate would receive Christmas “boxes” full of leftover foods and items no longer needed or wanted by the wealthier families.

England still observes the holiday, though no one seems to give the boxes any more. I think the root of Boxing Day, this idea that in all the excess that the holidays bring, of boxing up goodies left behind and toys no longer played with, and giving them to those who need them, is a marvelous one, especially if you are looking to adopt a resolution to share with your kids.

While I believe in the holidays as a fun, over-the-top, beautiful time, I do think we can also sprinkle in amongst all the receiving our children do, with some giving and some understanding of how fortunate they are. So on New Year’s Eve my children and I vowed to adopt this tradition, and donate the excess from our holiday season. It’s our joint resolution for 2013, and one we can start achieving right away.

Happy New Year!

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