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Students With Disabilities Have Right To Play School Sports, Obama Administration Tells Schools
When Kareem Dale, now a special advisor to President Barack Obama, was in high school, all he wanted to do was wrestle. But as a student who was partially blind, that wasn’t easy. (via Huffington Post)

Missouri Parents Required To Report Gun Ownership To Schools Under Maria Chappelle-Nadal Bill
A Missouri lawmaker is making waves with a bill that would require parents who own guns to notify their child’s school. (via Huffington Post)

Prenatal Inflammation Linked to Autism Risk
Maternal inflammation during early pregnancy may be related to an increased risk of autism in children, according to new findings supported by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), part of the National Institutes of Health. Researchers found this in children of mothers with elevated C-reactive protein (CRP), a well-established marker of systemic inflammation. (via Science Daily)

Vocabulary Instruction Failing U.S. Students, Expert Says

Vocabulary instruction in the early years is not challenging enough to prepare students for long-term reading comprehension, argues a study led by a Michigan State University education researcher. (via Science Daily)

Baby Born with Heart Outside of Body Finally Leaves Hospital
A baby girl who was born with her heart on the outside of her body, was finally able to leave the hospital after more than four months, the Houston Chronicle said. (via Fox News)

Detroit School Closures, Kristof On Pre-K: Ed Tonight
Detroit is slated to close even more schools, reports CBS. Enrollment in the Motor City has dwindled from 150,000 to a projected 40,000. (via Huffington Post)

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