Battling Childhood Poverty

From scouts and afterschool activities to private school waiting lists, we as parents doeverything to ensure that our children have the best shot at a successful future. But a recent report by the Center for the Next Generation suggests that we as a country might actually be doing the opposite.

Parents has partnered with The Center for the Next Generation’s (TCNG) campaign Too Small to Fail, in a national movement to raise awareness about the state of America’s children and how the country can come together to create a stronger future for the next generation.

The Center’s recent report about kids and poverty, Prosperity Threatened: Perspectives on Childhood Poverty in California, found an increase in the childhood poverty rates in California, which mirrors a nationwide problem. The state has taken steps to ensure that the elderly do not experience a high poverty rate—and the same proven measures should be taken for the children.

The majority of California’s impoverished children are minorities whose parents did not obtain a college degree. Specifically, nearly one in three Hispanic children

are poor. But if the future of our country lies in the hands of our children, shouldn’t we work to ensure that every child has a fair chance at a successful future?

It’s time for state leaders to add the economic stability of our children to their agendas.

Matthew Lewis, vice president and director of communications of TCNG, said it best: “Leaders can start by targeting more school funds to the state’s school districts with the highest concentrations of poor students and ensure that as California expands access to health insurance, the state also makes it easy to access other critical benefits that increase family income security such as child care assistance, paid family leave, and CalFresh (food stamps).” If the leaders of every state make these changes a priority, we can ensure the successful future of our nation as a whole.

In order to maintain our country’s competitive edge, America’s children cannot be allowed to fall through the cracks.  Get tips on how to brighten the futures of our children at or

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