Rosie to the Rescue: What Kind of Mom Will Kate Middleton Be?

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With all the royal baby fever, I can hardly control myself. Or think about anything else, for that matter!

There are so many questions buzzing, from of course what Kate will wear, to what type of parents she and the dad-to-be will be to this child, girl or boy, who will be third in line to the throne after William.

Traditionally, the royal family has practiced a very hands-off parenting style. Attachment Parenting is certainly not what comes to mind! The Queen notoriously didn’t visit Prince Charles in hospital when he was admitted with appendicitis as a child. And there are countless other tales about the distance between the Queen and her children, not to mention her questionable involvement in choosing for Prince Charles his wife Diana, rather than validating his love for Camilla–prioritizing a union she thought was right for the crown, not the heart.

As fate would have it, Princess Diana ended up changing the face of royal parenting with a very hands-on approach, which at that time surprised the nation, and exposed what we all came to love about Diana: her loving and nurturing nature.

I am sure Kate (and William) will be far more like Diana than the Queen in her parenting style. However, Kate will be a working mom, and will have to juggle the balance between motherhood, a life under the media’s glare, and a heavy workload of public service both in the United Kingdom and around the world. While I wouldn’t dream of comparing her support team to what most mothers have access to, I am hoping to see her develop into a role model for balance. So far William and Kate seem to have prioritized their relationship; with the addition of a little one, I’m sure they will continue to put their family first. But as with so many of us, the necessity to work, whether for financial reasons or duty, in or out of the home, makes balance that much trickier. I am hoping she will be open and honest about it, and continues to be an inspiration to us all.

A new people’s princess? Only time will tell.

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