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Nation’s First Sex-Ed Standardized Testing Shows Students’ Gaps
Results from the first-ever standardized test about sex-education shows that fifth- and eighth-graders have a lot to learn about their bodies. (via ABC News)

Confirmation That Studying and Child Labor Are Incompatible, Study Finds
Labor conditions, the amount of hours and working during the morning are the factors that most negatively affect the academic development of children who work, researchers find. (via ScienceDaily)

What Parents Need to Know About Facebook’s New Privacy Controls
Facebook changed its privacy settings on Wednesday and it’s important to know what the new changes mean for users, especially your digitally-connected children. (via Mashable)

Less Post-Partum Depression Among Married Women, Study Finds
Women who are married suffer less partner abuse, substance abuse or post-partum depression around the time of pregnancy than women who are cohabitating or do not have a partner, a new study has found. (via ScienceDaily)

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