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Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

FDA Approves Seasonal Flu Vaccine
The Food and Drug Administration says it has approved the first seasonal flu vaccine made using animal cell technology, rather than the half-century egg method. (via USA Today)

Can Your Job Increase Your Risk of Developing Breast Cancer?
A study explores the occupations with the strongest links to breast cancer. (via Time)

OB-GYN group: Birth Control Pill Should Be on Shelves
Birth control pills are so safe and important to women that they should be sold on drugstore shelves, without a doctor’s prescription, says a group representing many of the doctors who prescribe them. (via USA Today)

Behind the Black Friday Hot Toy Lists
Get ready to hear a lot about the Eagle Talon Castle, the LeapPad2 from LeapFrog and the reincarnation of Furby – all of which toy industry insiders predict will be hot sellers this year. (via Reuters)

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