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Children’s Preexisting Symptoms Influence Their Reactions to Disaster Coverage On TV
The new study finds that while the amount of exposure to disaster coverage matters, children’s preexisting symptoms of post-traumatic stress also play an important role. (via Science Daily)

Kids Consume More Soda and Calories When Eating Out
Children and adolescents consume more calories and soda and have poorer nutrient-intake on days they eat at either fast-food or full-service restaurants, as compared to days they eat meals at — or from — home. (via Science Daily)

Record Number Complete High School and College
Although the United States no longer leads the world in educational attainment, record numbers of young Americans are completing high school, going to college and finishing college, according to a Pew Research Center analysis of newly available census data. (via New York Times)

Vitamin D Levels Decrease During Winter Months In Women With Health Conditions
Women with health issues such as arthritis and diabetes are much more likely to have inadequate levels of vitamin D during the winter than in the summer, according to new research introduced at the 2012 American Society of Clinical Pathology (ASCP) Annual Meeting. (via Medical News Today)

In Abortion Fight, Disabled Woman’s Parents Turn to Nevada High Court
The parental guardians of a 32-year-old pregnant disabled woman have asked the Nevada Supreme Court to block a judge from holding hearings that anti-abortion activists believe could end in the termination of the woman’s pregnancy. (via LA Times)

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