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Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

Serious Birth Complications Rising in the U.S
Severe complications from childbirth are rare in the U.S., but they are becoming more common, a new government study finds. (via Reuters)

Cancer Survivors Keep Fertility with New Treatment
Until very recently, young women who went through cancer treatment often discovered their fertility was a casualty of life-saving therapies. But a new option – the removal and freezing of an ovary prior to chemotherapy and radiation treatments – may be changing all that. (via NBC News)

When Caffeine Kills: Energy Drinks Under the Spotlight
The Food and Drug Administration is investigating reports that five people died and one survived a heart attack after consuming energy drinks. (via NBC News)

NBA Forced Women With Young Children Out Of Jobs: Lawsuit
A New Jersey woman who worked for the NBA as a senior account executive filed a $3 million gender discrimination lawsuit against the league Tuesday, saying it forced her and two other women with young children out of their jobs. (via Huffington Post)

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