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Fewer Children for Women After Ectopic Pregnancy
Women whose first pregnancy is ectopic have fewer children and are at increased risk for another ectopic pregnancy, a new study says. (via HealthDay News)

Children With Autism Can Identify Misbehavior But Have Trouble Putting it in Words
New brain imaging studies show that children with autism may recognize socially inappropriate behavior, but have difficulty using spoken language to explain why the behavior is considered inappropriate. (via ScienceDaily)

Florida School Officials Defend Racial and Ethnic Learning Goals
When the Florida Board of Education voted this month to set different goals for student achievement in reading and math by race and ethnicity, among other guidelines, the move was widely criticized as discriminatory and harmful to blacks and Hispanics. But the state intends to stand by its new strategic plan. (via New York Times)

Prolonged Formula Feeding, Delay in Solid Foods Associated with Increased Risk for Leukemia
Results of one study indicate that the risk for developing pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia increased the longer a baby was fed formula and the longer solid foods were delayed. (via ScienceDaily)

Some Parents Misunderstand Kids’ Cancer Studies
Children with incurable cancer can take part in early trials of a new drug’s safety, but many parents may misunderstand the goals of those studies, new research finds. (via Reuters)

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