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Goody Blog Daily News Roundup

3 Hours of Daily Exercise Suggested for Young Children
For children under age 6, getting at least three hours of daily physical activity, spread out over the day, may be a good goal, researchers say. (via Fox News)

Kids with ADHD Have Dimmer Prospects: Study
Children with ADHD symptoms tend to fare worse as adults than do kids without problems in school, according to the longest follow-up study of the disorder to date. (via Reuters)

France Considers Ban on Homework. Should the U.S.?
While a homework-free society remains a mere dream here, students in France may soon bid adieu to homework if French President, Francois Hollande, has his way. (via Today)

Fathers Matter When It Comes to Their Teenager’s Sexual Behavior
A new study by New York University professor Vincent Guilamo-Ramos and colleagues from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that fathers’ parenting behavior influences the sexual behavior of their adolescent children. (via Science Daily)

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