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Couples Trying to Conceive Might Need Help Sooner, Study Says
A new mathematical method predicts a woman’s odds of becoming pregnant at various ages, and may help determine how long couples should wait before seeking medical help. (via HealthDay)

Troubled Kids in ER: Psych Illness or Just Unruly?
According to new data, American children visit the emergency room as often as 825,000 times a year—not for broken bones or belly aches, but to urgently see a psychiatrist. (via NBC News)

Free Birth Control Significantly Cuts Abortion Rates
The national abortion rate would plummet if women at risk for unintended pregnancies received the birth control of their choice at no cost, a new study has found. (via Time)

Teen Smoking Linked to Earlier Death
Teenagers who smoke are more likely to die of heart disease decades down the line, even if they quit by the time they’re middle-aged. (via Reuters)

Overweight Kids Take More Prescription Meds
A new Canadian study finds that overweight children take more prescription medications than children of normal weight. Researchers say this shows an unexpected link to rising health care costs. (via PsychCentral)

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