Our Kids’ Future by the Numbers

This country gives us a lot to be proud of: freedom of speech and religion, for one thing; how we prize individualism, for another. But there’s also much to worry about, including a faltering education system, an increase in poverty, and a rise in chronic health problems such as diabetes and asthma. Perhaps your family has been impacted by these issues, but even if it hasn’t, there’s no question that they’ll ultimately affect all of our children.

That’s why Parents partnered with the Too Small to Fail campaign, a program of The Center for the Next Generation in San Francisco, which aims to raise awareness about the state of America’s kids. We surveyed a national sample of more than 2,100 parents of children up to age 18 to find out how moms and dads feel about their kids’ lives today, and what concerns you have about their future. The findings opened our eyes.


For more surprising information–including your thoughts about how the recession has impacted families–check out our earlier blog post about the survey.

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