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Xbox or Wii: Which is Better for Sedentary Kids?
Playing video games isn’t exactly demanding on the body, but some newer versions may get children moving enough to keep them healthy. (via Time)

Pregnancy Generates Maternal Immune-Suppressive Cells That Protect the Fetus
A new study suggests it may be possible to develop vaccines to prevent premature birth and other pregnancy complications. (via ScienceDaily)

Black Youths Exposed to More Alcohol Advertising, Study Finds
New research suggests that African Americans ages 12 to 20 see far more alcohol ads on television and in magazines than youths in general. (via FairWarning)

Voluntary Recall Expanded Due to Possible Salmonella Contamination
Sunland, Inc. has expanded its voluntary recall to include all of the products manufactured at its peanut butter and nut manufacturing plant in New Mexico. (via CNN)

Social Aggression Plagues Most Kids’ Shows
Children between the ages of 2 and 11 are viewing social aggression on television at rates far greater than what parents may realize, new research indicates. (via ABC News)

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