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‘Mom Gene’ Discovered in Mice
Is there such a thing as a “mom gene”? A new study of female mice shows that there might be a genetic link to nurturing traits. But the maternal instinct in humans may be much more complicated. (via TODAY)

High-Tech Tools Created to Study Autism
Researchers have developed two new technological tools that automatically measure relevant behaviors of children, and promise to have significant impact on the understanding of behavioral disorders such as autism. (via Science Daily)

Kids’ Prescriptions Often Going Unfilled
A large share of medication prescriptions to children on Medicaid may go unfilled, a new study suggests. (via Reuters)

Minority Children at a Higher Risk for Weight Problems in Both the US and England
A new study explores the ties between childhood weight problems, socioeconomic status, and nationality and finds that race, ethnicity, and immigrant status are risk factors for weight problems among children in the US and England. (via Science Daily)

Pregnancy Snoring Linked to High Blood Pressure
Snoring that begins during pregnancy may be a sign of breathing problems that put women at risk for high blood pressure, a potentially serious complication for the mother and baby, a new study says. (via MyHealthNewsDaily)

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