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Active Video Gaming Linked With Higher Energy Expenditure in Children
Compared with rest and sedentary video game play, active video gaming with dancing and boxing were associated with increased heart rate, oxygen uptake and energy expenditure. (via Science Daily)

Albertsons Recalls Ground Beef in 3 States
Alberstons is recalling a number of ground beef products sold at stores in Oregon, Washington and Idaho, due to risk of E. coli contamination. (via AP)

Mom Protests After Daughter Paddled by Male Principal
A Texas mom is outraged after her teenage daughter was paddled by a male principal. Although corporal punishment is legal in the state, it is against the school’s policy for punishment to be administered by a person of the opposite sex. (via TODAY)

Military Leaders Say Childhood Obesity Will Lead to Lower Recruits in the Future
Military experts have long been worried that rising obesity is making it difficult to find fit recruits. A new report places pressure on government officials to revamp nutritional guidelines for foods sold in U.S. schools. (via Reuters)

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