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Children of Older Mothers Are Healthier Later in Life, Research Reports
While older mothers are at a higher risk for miscarriage, a new study shows that children of older mothers are healthier in their adult life. (via NBC News)

Pediatric Melanoma Increasing 1 to 4% Each Year
Doctors urge parents to be aware of the signs of pediatric melanoma which manifests differently in children than in adults.(via Science Daily)

Researchers Find Possible Treatment for a Unique Form of Autism
A team of researchers may have found a treatment for a certain form of autism with epilepsy in a common nutritional supplement. (via Science Daily)

Embarrassment Keeps Children from Reading, Research Says
A new study showed that children are reading less because many say they would be embarrassed to be seen reading a book. (via Huffington Post)

Florida Officials Being Investigated for Housing Disabled Children in Nursing Homes
Investigators say Florida officials are violating state law by housing hundreds of disabled children in isolated nursing homes unnecessarily. (via Washington Post)

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