Exclusive Survey: Are You Happy With Your Child’s School?

A couple of weeks into the new school year, how are you feeling about your child’s teacher and classes? Compare your thoughts to the answers 500 moms gave Parents in our exclusive partnership with the research firm Quester. While the majority of moms reported that they were satisfied with their child’s teacher, many also said that their child’s curriculum could be more creative. Study our school report card, and then tell us in the comments how your kid’s class would do. And for great ideas about how to make your child’s classes more inspiring, check out our story on 10 Innovative Elementary Schools. Working the arts into every subject, teaching math in Greek, and running a classroom business are just a few of the cool approaches these schools used to engage kids.

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  1. by Quiana Brown

    On September 21, 2012 at 5:02 pm

    Im very unhappy with the school my daughter is in and the school year just started. The way the board of education is ran in NY is terrible and so unfair to the children. Especially the kids in low income neighborhoods. I wish I could get all of my children into better schools so that they have a chance. Hopefully I can move out of the city by next year.