Your Child’s Top 3 Classroom Fears: A Back-to-School Infographic

Is your child heading to school for the first time? Or heading back to new classrooms with new teachers? We polled our Facebook readers with the question, “What scares your child the most about going to school?”  Not surprisingly, a majority of kids were worried about not being able to make friends.

Based on the answers, we created this fun infographic to show your children’s top 3 fears, plus tips on how to help them ease into school.

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Parents Back to School 2012 Infographic

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  1. by Miss Ramelle

    On August 27, 2012 at 2:30 pm

    In our world childrens concerns and fears are a little bit different. Two weeks ago we started 86 new 4 year olds in on e day. That was not a mistake-thats right 86 children of which most of them have never been seperated from their parents before. It’s getting quieter but we are not there yet.
    If you are interested in childcare or currently using a center we have some great info for you at our blog to see you there!