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Plunge in Child Mortality Leaves UN Unsatisfied
Child mortality has decreased rapidly over 20 years, though not fast enough to reach the United Nations goal of lessening deaths of children under age 5 by two-thirds between 1990 and 2015, according to U.N. researchers. (via Fox News)

Study: More Hispanic Children with Autism Remain Undiagnosed
UC Davis MIND Institute released this week the largest study to date comparing the development of Hispanic and non-Hispanic children and found a higher percentage of Hispanic children often have undiagnosed developmental delays, or autism. (via NBC)

Transgender Dad Pushes for Right to Lead Breast-Feeding Group
A transgender man who gave birth to his first child last year is so grateful to La Leche League for helping him breast-feed that he hoped to become a group leader. But the stay-at-home dad was told that according to their policy only “a mother who has breast-fed a baby” is allowed to become a La Leche League leader. (via Today)

Study: Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Still A Global Threat
A recent international study found alarmingly high levels drug-resistant strains of tuberculosis (TB) in a number of countries. (via Time)

Severe Diet Doesn’t Prolong Life—At Least in Monkeys
The results of this major, long-awaited study, which began in 1987, are finally in. The hope was that if the monkeys lived longer, healthier lives by eating a lot less, then maybe people, their evolutionary cousins, would, too. (via MSNBC)

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