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What’s the Right Age to Give Your Kid A Cell Phone?
The most popular age at which parents give their kids cell phones is 12. Are tweens ready to handle the responsibility of their own digital link to the world? (via Time)

Vermont Brothers Get Deadly Disease, But Only One Gets Healing Drug
The Leclaire brothers were born with the same deadly disease — Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Max, 10, is in a clinical trial for a new drug that has miraculously reversed some of his debilitating symptoms, but Austin, 13, has been turned away. (via ABC News)

Salmonella Outbreak in 20 States Kills 2 and Sickens 141
An outbreak of salmonella infections across 20 states has resulted in two deaths and sickened 141 people in recent weeks, state and federal authorities said. (via New York Times)

Secondhand Smoke Impairs Vital Cough Reflex in Kids
New research from the Monell Center reveals that exposure to secondhand smoke decreases sensitivity to cough-eliciting respiratory irritants in otherwise healthy children and adolescents. (via Science Daily)

Vitamin C May Lessen Harmful Effects of Air Pollution
There’s another reason to eat fruits and veggies: A diet rich in them may lessen the harmful effects of air pollution for people suffering from chronic lung diseases. (via MSNBC)

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