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Children’s snoring linked to behavioral problems
Children who persistently snore during their early childhood may be more likely to have behavioral problems such as aggression and hyperactivity, according to a new study. (via MSNBC)

A Host of Ills When Iron’s Out of Balance
Iron, an essential nutrient, has long been the nation’s most common nutritional deficiency. In decades past, many parents worried that children who were picky eaters would develop iron-deficiency anemia. (via New York Times)

Baby’s got cradle cap? Home remedy may worsen it
Home remedies for cradle cap and dandruff may do more harm than good by feeding the little organisms that cause the condition, two doctors warned on Monday. (via NBC)

Are gender-neutral toys much ado about nothing?
With all eyes on London in recent weeks, the city’s most famous department store managed to steal a few headlines — and maybe a few Olympics tourists — by unveiling a new gender-neutral toy department. (via MSNBC)

Is Corporal Punishment in School Legal?
Corporal punishment in school is still legal in 19 states which may come as a surprise depending on where in country you live. (via Reuters)

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