Debra Messing and Post-it Team Up to Support Children’s Education

On August 22, actress Debra Messing appeared at the P.S. 15 Roberto Clemente School in New York City. Working with Post-it’s Your Words Stick with Them program, Messing was on hand to pledge her support for children’s education. The Post-it program asks parents and teachers to leave kids personalized handwritten notes to encourage them throughout the school year.

At the event, Messing also announced that Post-it adopted all of the classrooms in P.S. 15 through a partnership with, which will help teachers purchase the school supplies they need for the year. had a few moments to chat with Messing about her 8-year-old son’s back to school routines, his favorite snacks, and the power of a handwritten note:

How do you and your son prepare for the back-to-school season? What are some of his favorite supplies?

He just finished day camp and now we are heading back to school, so we’re in the process of picking out a backpack for the year, which is always a big thing. I like to encourage him to choose the notebook that he wants, the colors, the shapes, everything, so that he can practice decision-making. I take care of the clothes; he wears a uniform to school so it’s not very difficult. We’re transitioning into school so I’m trying to get back into our scheduled reading time which, during the year, is always every night right before bed.

What are some of his favorite books? What do you like to read to him?

He loves the Geronimo Stilton books. Now we’re just about to start Harry Potter.

What is your son’s favorite school lunch or snack? Does he have a favorite meal?

I make sure that he either eats a raw piece of fruit or raw vegetables with his lunch every day. He loves chicken nuggets. He used to be a soy butter-and-jelly sandwich guy because he went to a nut-free school in Los Angeles. Now he would eat pasta and pizza every day of his life if I allowed him.

The Post-It campaign focuses on the importance of promoting positivity and discouraging bullying. What are some ways parents and teachers can encourage good behavior for kids in school? Do you have any personal experiences with bullying?

Oh, I absolutely experienced bullying when I was a child. School became a source of anxiety for me and that was when my parents started writing handwritten notes. I could refer to them when I was feeling insecure or scared or sad throughout the day and it made me feel like they were with me. I try to encourage my son to be as communicative as possible and to be a good friend, so if he sees something happening, to speak up, to get a teacher. It’s something that just can’t be tolerated, period.

Image: Debra Messing poses by her inscription on a large Post-it that reads, “Believe in yourself!!”; via Noelia de la Cruz.

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