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‘No Child’ Law Whittled Down by White House
In just five months, the Obama administration has freed schools in more than half the nation from central provisions of the No Child Left Behind education law, raising the question of whether the decade-old federal program has been essentially nullified. (via NY Times)

Schizophrenia, Autism May Be Linked in Families
Families with a history of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder are also more likely to have a child with autism, new research from Sweden and Israel suggests. (via Reuters)

Does Being an Intense Mom Make Women Unhappy?
According to a new study, women who believe in intensive parenting — i.e., that women are better parents than men, that mother should be child-centered, and that children should be considered sacred and are fulfilling to parents — are more likely to have negative mental health outcomes. (via ScienceDaily)

Video: Watch a Face Formed in Womb
An eerie animation based on scans of a developing embryo has captured the formation of the face in the womb. The video, produced for the BBC series “Inside the Human Body,” reveals how sections of the face grow and fit together like a puzzle just three months after conception. (via ABC News)

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