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Obese Kids as Bright as Thinner Peers
Obesity is not to blame for poor educational performance, according to early findings from research funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. Researchers suggest that future research should focus on other determinants of poor educational outcomes. (via Science Daily)

Lawsuit Tries to Block New Arizona Abortion Law
A group of doctors and women’s rights advocates challenged Arizona’s new abortion limits in a federal lawsuit on Thursday. The Law, set to take effect on August 2, prohibits abortions once 20 weeks have passed since a woman’s last menstrual period. (via NY Times)

Doctors Use Hormones More Often Than They Prescribe Them
Doctors may be more willing to use hormone replacement therapy, or recommend it to their wives, than to prescribe it to their patients, a study of German gynecologists suggests. Nearly all were willing to recommend HRT for hot flashes, but not as often for other uses. (via MSNBC)

Childhood Trauma Linked to Adult Smoking for Girls
New research published in Substance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy explains how adverse childhood experiences can be tied up with adult smoking patterns, especially for women. Researchers suggest treatment and strategies to stop smoking need to take into account the psychological effects of childhood trauma. (via Science Daily)

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