Friday Night Movies

This Week’s Viral Goody:

The good thing about a slow weekend at the theaters is it makes me turn to the Web for some entertainment. And I found just that in the new web series, Written By A Kid. The format is simple: A kid tells a story to the two hosts, who ask questions, and as the child is talking, it cuts away to scenes from the story. The first webisode, “Scary Smash,” is fun, funny, and full of geeky cameos. Extra credit goes to the person who can identify the person playing the “S.Q.U.A.T.” leader. Check out the vid below.



This Week’s DVD Goodies:

Dr. Harvey Karp, LIVE: A Conversation About Babies, Toddlers…and Sleep.

Hey Arnold! Season Two, Part 2

Pippi Longstocking: The Best of Pippi Longstocking

SpongeBob SquarePants Triple Feature: Last Stand / Triton’s Revenge / Viking Sized Adventures


The Put-Your-Kids-To-Bed-First Pick of the Week:

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

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