Celeb Chat With Nancy O’Dell: Family Vacations

When you think of celebrity vacations, exotic resorts and spas may come to mind. But our celeb correspondent Nancy O’Dell found out that many famous parents like to have a low-key summer with the kids. Some of their favorite getaway spots may even be in your neck of the woods. Check out the celebs and their destinations of choice by clicking here for the full story from the July issue of Parents. And don’t forget to catch Nancy weeknights on Entertainment Tonight–or chat with her directly at facebook.com/nancyodellspage.


Image courtesy of Ulrica Wihlborg

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  1. by Sunriver

    On July 18, 2012 at 1:48 am

    Kourtney, I totally agree about keeping it low key. In the end, summer vacations are about families enjoying being together. I don’t think you have to drag the family half way around the world to do that. It is about who you are with, not where you go or what you do.