An Easy Way to Ditch Mosquitoes

The crazy weather we’ve been having on the east coast this summer has brought out the worst in the mosquitoes around my neighborhood. They’re so darn sneaky. I never seem to see them until it’s too late: My family and I will be enjoying a nice dinner on the deck when slowly but surely, we all start slapping our arms and legs, and scratching (and eventually clawing) away at our ankles.

But I’m done with that scene. The folks at ThermaCell sent me their Mosquito Repellent Patio Lantern, which looks nicer than the big citronella candles we normally use, and has no odor. (It works by releasing allethrin, a synthetic version of a natural repellent.) You do need to take a few minutes to carefully read the instructions and set it up (or at least your husband does), but after that, it’s truly a matter of turning it on and occasionally replacing batteries and cartridges. Keep it in mind as we head into another warm weekend!

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