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Have you ever found yourself lingering up and doWn the card isle searching through what seems like thousands of greetings for your child’s 5th birthday card, with less than thrilling results? If you answered yes, your card shopping and sending routine is about be revolutionized!

Meet Treat, a new customizable card website, that has simply delighted us around Parents HQ. To choose from one of Treat’s 4,500+ awesome designs – 300 of which are from Hallmark itself – go to, select a card template, then go to town editing the layout, inserting a personalized message, and adding pictures of your cute kids. You can even including gift codes that can be redeemed for gift cards, charity donations, or just plain cash. My favorite part is that the site allows you to create custom cards from thecomfort of your own home without sacrificing store-bought quality. In other words, no more sloppy printing and folding for the artistically inept.

Once you’ve completed your card design, you can choose to have the card mailed to yourself so you can hand deliver it, or have it mailed directly to a loved one.

Delivery typically ranges from 1 to 3 days. Even better: at only $3 each, these cards are a steal compared to store prices that tend to push the five-dollar mark. But don’t take our word for it…your first Treat card is FREE so you can try it yourself in time for Father’s Day and graduation season.

iPhone owners: Be sure to keep an eye out for the convenient Treat app coming out this summer!




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