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Standing While Pregnant ‘May Slow Fetal Growth’
Researchers found that women who stood for the majority of time at work had babies whose heads were around 1cm smaller than average. (via BBC News)

Baby’s Birth Captured by MRI
German researchers have used Magnetic Resonance Imaging to peer inside a woman’s body during labor, a medical first that sheds light on the birth process. The researchers created the 30-second movie using cinematic MRI, a technique that strings together snapshots from deep inside the body. (via ABC News)

New Rule Aims to Prevent Deaths in Play Yards, Mesh Cribs
The Consumer Product Safety Commission voted to enact a tough new safety rule for play yards. The rule tightens testing for durability and stability, sets a minimum height requirement for the sides, and requires locking mechanisms to keep the products from collapsing on children. (via USA Today)

Continued Infertility Treatments Drive Pregnancy Success
Women in their 30s and 40s who undergo multiple infertility treatments may be nearly as likely to deliver a baby as women who conceive naturally, according to new research. (via ABC News)

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