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Sharp Increase in Hospitalizations for Children With Hypertension
The number of hospitalizations for children with high blood pressure more than doubled from 1997 to 2006, according to a new study in the American Heart Association journal, Hypertension. (via CNN)

American Children, Now Struggling to Adjust to Life in Mexico
The English-speaking children of Mexicans returning because of deportations, tougher state laws and unemployment struggle to adjust, often going to schools that are not equipped to integrate them. (via NY Times)

Mayors Back Parents Seizing Control of Schools
Hundreds of mayors from across the United States this weekend called for new laws letting parents seize control of low-performing public schools and fire the teachers, oust the administrators or turn the schools over to private management. (via Reuters)

Taliban Block Vaccinations In Pakistan
The ban, in the North Waziristan region, came days before 161,000 children were to be vaccinated and was linked to fears the campaign would be a cover for American espionage. (via NY Times)

Single Hormone Shot Can Replace Daily Doses in IVF: Study
Women preparing for fertility treatment get a series of daily, sometimes uncomfortable, hormone shots to kick their ovaries into overdrive, but a European review of previous studies suggests that one long-acting shot may work just as well. (via Reuters)

Mom Mistakenly Throws Boy Scout Son’s Life Savings Away
New York mom Dorothy Ferrante thought she was doing a good deed recycling her 12-year-old son’s old computer – until she learned that he’d hidden his life savings of $300 in it. (via The Today Show)

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